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The theory of ' golden billion '

In the mid-90s in the Russian language the book has been translated into U.S. Intelligence Chief Colonel ' Committee 300'. About 30 years he studied the mechanisms of the secret government of the world and came to the conclusion that the global process control 300 of the richest family clans. This ... When the results have been obtained, it was found that the natural resources on land are very limited. And for a comfortable stay on the ground of natural resources are sufficient only for one billion people. Then the theory was developed ' golden billion ', which ' may ' for 100-150 years left on the ground. During this ' golden billion ' entered the U.S. population, Canada, Western Europe, Israel and Japan. As you know, neither Russian nor the Tartars, nor many other peoples who inhabit this country, this did not get a billion.

In 1985, the international community has shaped the program - at least in respect of the USSR: 2020 to halve the population over 35 years for each of the 2nd in our country to kill. Kill not only the war, as is done with Muslim nations, are not susceptible to what we are exposed to. The older generation destroyed by poverty, which will be organized, and the younger generation destroyed by alcohol, tobacco, drugs and debauchery, which will be widely implemented and mass.

Speaking a few years ago, Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, dropped a mysterious phrase: ... people '. Translator misheard and thought moved 50 million. But Thatcher he was immediately corrected. We were at that time was still 150 million. Where are the other 135 million? .

Two years ago, our country came in person, this is the Madeleine Albright - former Secretary of State at the time the United States and, speaking, dropped the same enigmatic phrase: ' According to the international community economically reasonable accommodation on the territory of Russia 15 million. people '. Where are the other 130? . As you can see, the program only man- headed for their implementation.

Who are these cannibals 20-21 age decided to leave our country? . Another 13 million, they decided to leave to serve the dirtiest of metallurgical and chemical industries and service the world's nuclear burial ground in which Russia will be converted. By the way, the current Putin's State Duma has passed a law on the transformation of Russia into the global nuclear repository. In Siberia, implemented large-scale program of road construction for this project.

You do not need ' golden billion ', nor we, nor our history, our culture has no. They need our natural resources and our living spaces.

Hitler in 1942 formulated the basis of the occupation policy in the conquered eastern territories. In his brief directive he wrote just three sentences: 'You must keep up the sign language of the Slavs. no health. no vaccinations. Only vodka and tobacco '. The whole social program for people in the conquered territories, neither schools nor teachers, nor a movie - only vodka and tobacco! . He knew that vodka and tobacco will lead him to the hated Slavs in a generation, with no imaginary crematoria and gas chambers.

The fact that alcohol and tobacco are the weapons of mass destruction, known to all applicants for ' world domination '. Everyone knows that this is the most powerful weapon of genocide and the overriding. Testament of Hitler is successfully implemented in our country today!.

People in our country still can not understand what had happened: the greatest country in the world, and suddenly, suddenly broke up into pieces, turned into beggars all over the world and sent with an outstretched hand. Is this a fatal accident at the turn of the millennium? .

In winter 1985, when everyone realized that he would die the next General Secretary Chernenko, at its meeting brought together the country's ' Big Seven ' led by the U.S.. That's when they decided to destroy the USSR. Divide the USSR into 52 independent states of dwarf and make these states interfere with each other. You may ask why this ' world government ' to divide the Soviet Union? . And the only virgin pantry - one sixth of the land where we were lucky to be born and live.

On the destruction of the Soviet Union were thrown hundreds of billions of dollars. This program is called the ' Harvard Project '. These billions had been bought the entire top of the Communist Party, were all purchased princelings in the field, all the media and the money in 1991, managed to do something that is not able to do neither Hitler nor Napoleon. Destroy the great Russia, which was then called the Soviet Union.

We are now witnessing the second part of this universal tragedy - the destruction of the Russian Federation. And it has its own naming - ' Houston project'. The fact that every day our children are killed in Chechnya, that every year millions of our fellow citizens die from drugs, alcohol and tobacco, that our senior citizens, teachers, doctors were forced into poverty, which destroyed almost all manufacturing industries and destroyed a science that is dying culture and great .

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